Whether you can’t get a babysitter or simply want to spend some quality time with the kids, there are many activities to do as a family on Valentine’s Day!

Get Crafty – Why buy Valentine’s Day cards when you can create your own? We love these cute butterflies found onPinterest!

Make it a Family Fun Night – Stay in for some good, old-fashioned entertainment. Put a creative, and sweet, twist on an age-old game using conversation candy hearts. Give each other 60 seconds to stack the candy as high as you can without it falling over. The tallest tower wins (and gets to eat the candy)!

Create a Cookie Bar – Bake some sugar cookies and then turn the kitchen table into a cookie decorating smorgasbord! Include red and pink icing, candy hearts, sprinkles, and whatever else you and the kids like. Enjoy making them and eating them together. Tip – put the icing in squeeze bottles to contain some of the sticky mess!

Spread some Kindness – Spend some time with the kids spreading love and kindness at home and throughout the community. Some ways to show generosity and love can include shoveling an elderly neighbour’s driveway together, volunteering at a local soup kitchen or picking out old toys to donate to hospitals. We love the idea of this act of kindness challenge found on Pinterest!

Make a Heart-Themed Dinner – Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to create a variety of festive goodies. We particularly like this homemade heart-shaped pepperoni pizza recipe! End the meal with Jell-O strawberry parfait. Here’s what you need:

1 cup of boiling water

1 pkg of strawberry Jell-O

2 cups of ice cubes

1 cup of fresh strawberries, divided

3/4 cup of Cool Whip


  • Add boiling water to jelly powder in medium bowl; stir 2 min. until completely dissolved. Add ice; stir until jelly is slightly thickened. Remove any unmelted ice.
  • Lean 4 parfait glasses, at an angle, against sides of muffin pan cups. Reserve 4 strawberries for garnish. Slice remaining berries; stir into jelly. Spoon into tilted glasses. Refrigerate 2 hours or until jelly is firm.
  • Top with Cool Whip and reserved berries before serving.

Want more great Valentine’s Day activities to do with the family? Visit our Valentine’s Day board on our Pinterest page!