You’re in the midst of potty training your toddler. So far, things are going well. It helps that the potty, extra pairs of underwear, and your washing machine are never far from reach! Soon, though, the familiar and all of its conveniences will be shaken up as you prepare for your upcoming family vacation. Don’t worry. Disrupting your efforts don’t have to be a prerequisite to going away. Keep on track and prepare for the challenges of travelling with a potty trainer with these helpful tips:

Schedule Plenty of Bathroom Breaks

Factor many breaks into your travel timeline to help prevent accidents. Whether it’s rest stops on the road or airport washrooms, whenever the opportunity arises, visit a bathroom to get into the habit of going.

Prepare for Accidents

Keep in mind that accidents will happen. Even if you do your best to prevent them, preparing for them will help diminish stress and mess. Pack plenty of clothes, underwear, wipes, and plastic bags in an easily accessible bag for those “just in case” moments!

Bring a Travel Potty

Public restroom toilets can be daunting to a potty trainer. Not only are they loud (automatic flushes and hand dryers can be scary to a toddler), but their size can be intimidating. Pack a travel potty or plastic potty seat to help make the experience more comfortable.  Are you limited for space? Make packing easy with a foldable potty seat.

*Tip – Prevent mess on the go by placing an absorbable diaper at the bottom of your potty. Throw the diaper away once it’s wet. You could also line the potty with a garbage bag to catch bigger messes.

Pack the Pull-Ups

Don’t hesitate to use Pull-Ups or even diapers on long stretches of travel while encouraging your little one to sleep!  Treat time on planes, trains, and in extended car rides the same as you would for naptime or bedtime.  This will give you all the opportunity to relax!

Keep Up with the Rewards

Keep rewarding while out and about just as you would at home. Stay consistent with your routine by  bringing along any stickers, treats, and a potty chart or a sticker pad. Also, don’t forget to hand out plenty of high-fives, praises and hugs!

Have Fun

Why not help pass the time by singing songs or reading books related to potty training? Don’t forget to bring along any books, CDs, and DVDs you were enjoying at home on your travels! 

Bring Comfort Items

If your child has a favourite blanket or stuffed animal, don’t forget to pack it. Have them on-hand for bathroom trips so he has something that feels like home to hold on to. Making a strange place feel like home can help to alleviate stress.

Remember to be Patient

Pack your patience and a sense of humour. Accidents, close calls, and unexpected stops will happen. Don’t let the fact that your toddler is potty training stop you and the entire family  from having a good time.