The fresh air and new life of Spring entices many of us to get outdoors and rejuvenate our surroundings. Enjoy the new season (and beyond) with these latest-and-greatest products for parents and kids.

The Great Outdoors

After a long cold winter, there’s nothing better than getting outside with the family. For a stroll around the neighbourhood or running quick errands, the Cybex carrier, developed by orthopedists and midwives, promotes both positive mental and physical development with its ergonomically-cut design which supports baby’s rounded back and head.


If you love to jog, run or walk, the Sub 4 jogging stroller by Phil & Teds is lightweight, UV resistant, waterproof and supportive.

Picnic season is quickly approaching! This outdoor blanket and cooler bag will keep food, breast milk or formula cool and you and the kids comfortable.


Rain Rain, Don’t Go Away!

With Spring comes the rain, and with rain comes puddles which kids love to jump in! Thankfully, we’ve got you covered (literally):

With easy front zippers for quick diaper changes, and elasticized hood, wrist and ankle cuffs, the Tuffo Muddy Buddy is perfect for little ones who love to explore!

These rubber rain boots are water resistant and jersey-line, making the perfect addition to any Spring wardrobe. For added warmth and protection, the handles at the top make it easy for little hands to pull them up over pants.

Easy Feeding Wherever You Are!

Whether you’re out and about or at home, the Squirt Spoon by Boon offers an effortless way to feed baby without the mess. Simply pack baby food into the top of the spoon, squeeze the top and out comes the food onto the spoon ready for baby to eat!

Babies are notorious for dropping their bottles at the most inopportune times! Don’t worry about the bottle dropping during car rides, inside stores or on the sidewalk with the Bobalong baby vest. For babies ages six to 18 months, this vest keeps bottles and pacifiers within baby’s reach and off the ground.


Keep all feeding utensils and the mess in one place with the feeding plate and utensils by Skip Hop .

Thankfully, breast pumps make storing milk for those times when you’re away from baby easy!  The Medela electric breast pump is easy to use, lightweight, portable and effective.

Gadgets for Moms and Tots

Looking for some fresh iPad Apps that are both educational and entertaining?  Fish School by Duck Duck Moose is perfect for toddlers who are just learning their numbers, letters, shapes and colours.

Peekaboo Barn by Night and Day Studios Inc. teaches animal names and animal sounds. The best feature allows you to record your own voice which is perfect for grandparents and teaching different languages!

It’s common to discover your smartphone or tablet has died the minute you want to capture a special family moment on video! Thankfully, MyCharge Peak 6000 allows you to charge multiple devices on the go.