Tips to Keep Kids Focused This School Year

Summer break’s behind us, and the kids are once again consumed with homework, extracurricular activities and, let’s face it, probably some playground drama as well. This time of year is a busy one and especially after the long, lazy days of summer, it can be difficult to keep energy levels up.

Here, are some tips to help give the kids that oomph they need to stay focused and healthy for a successful school year:

Create Routine – Now that school has begun, getting back into a regular schedule is important for the entire family to keep energy levels going strong. Set time aside for homework and after-school activities and establish ground rules for bedtimes and wake up times (also be sure to include time for play!)

Establish Responsibilities – Divide up household responsibilities so no one feels overworked (including you). If your kids are old enough to clean up after themselves, assign them a day when they do the dishes or take out the garbage.

Eat BreakfastStudies prove that eating breakfast has a positive influence on school performance. Healthy breakfast options can include yogurt, fruit, granola and whole wheat toast.

Keep Healthy Snacks Handy – Your kids are active and need nutritious snacks throughout the day. Make healthy snacksΒ  readily available to help curb hunger and, in turn, boost energy levels.

Healthy snack food ideas include:

  • Fruit – Cheap, sweet and healthy for you, fruit like bananas, apples, pears and grapes, are an easy snack for kids.
  • Smoothies – Smoothies offer a fun way to use up your fruit and are an excellent source of calcium and protein.
  • Cheerios – It may be considered a breakfast food, but Cheerios can make a delicious and nutritious snack. Filled with fibre and low in sugar, having a bowl may be just what the kids need before they tackle their latest assignment.
  • Trail Mix – Mix ingredients like granola, dried fruit, nuts and pretzels to make a snack that’s both delicious and nutritious.
  • Cheese – Kids love cheese! It’s a great source of calcium and a filling snack.

Communicate Regularly – Whether it’s a family meeting once a week or a casual chat at the dinner table, be sure to set some time aside to talk to your kids about their daily lives. Teaching kids how to communicate effectively will help to relieve stress and improve confidence.

Get to Know the Teacher – Communicate with your kids’ teachers (and other staff members such as janitorial staff and librarians) so you can get insight into how they’re doing socially and academically. Having a third party account of how your kids are doing at school will help you know what areas to focus on at home.

Encourage – When you see your kids putting in a solid effort, be sure to tell them how proud you are of them. Also, if you notice they need help in certain areas get them the help they need, such as a tutor, so they can succeed.

The school year is a busy time with many challenges but some easy tips can help keep the kids focused and on the right track to success.