My kids have really been into painting lately, so I am searching for more things for them to paint with. To me, the best items usually come out of my recycling bin or from around the house.  These vegetable stamps are a simple way to let your kids grew creative without having to run to the store to find paintbrushes.

Did you ever use simple apple stamps or carved potato stamps as a kid? This is the time to break them out. Since I was missing potatoes, I went with the more obvious vegetables that are usually in my fridge. If your vegetable selection differs, don’t worry – just look for vegetables that are firm as they make the best stamps.

Items Needed:
-4 firm vegetables like carrots, celery, green pepper, apple or potato
-Printer or recycled paper
-Washable paint
-A plate or two to use as palettes

Other vegetables to consider:
Pretty much any firm vegetable that you may throw the scraps of into your composter would be awesome for stamping. Consider keeping a bag in the fridge to capture these:

-Apples (cut them in half or into slices like we did)
-Corn Cob

Cut the vegetables into halves or any way that will make them interesting for stamping.
If you’re using potatoes, you can also cut shapes into the potatoes to make them even more fun.

I spread the paint on to a dinner plate for ease of clean up and let the kids get stamping. Mr J (4) enjoyed writing his letters with the skinny end of the carrot, as well as the C shape the celery made. Ms P (2) liked all of the stamps and tried them all out!

Simple Vegetable Stamping

My kids didn’t have trouble grasping any of the stamps, as I made all the handles longer (about 2-3”). If you did make them out of scraps, you may have to create handles on the vegetables which you could easily do with corn picks, popsicle stickers or even a kabob stick.

I hope you and your little ones enjoy this simple craft. This project is a great way to personalize everything from wrapping paper to a small canvas for your wall if you’re so inclined.

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Simple Vegetable Stamping

Holly LaRochelle is always on the lookout for simple craft projects to keep her kids, ages 2 and 4, occupied. Visit her blog, The Inspired Home, to be inspired to do-it-yourself, get outdoors and add simple homemade recipes that make family life fun and fresh.