Making snow globes at home is a magical and creative way to spend a cold afternoon. Lately, it feels like we’ve had quite a few of these cold afternoons! We are definitely what you call a Disney family. We love hunkering down in blankie forts, sharing some salty, buttered popcorn, and watching classics like The Aristocats and Cinderella. Thanks to this cold snap though, I can confidently estimate that we’ve watched Frozen 748,129 times in the last month. According to my daughter, Elsa was obviously here and is the reason everything is frozen, so I thought it would be fun to incorporate everyone’s favorite snow princess in a super fun craft. I got everything I needed from my local dollar store for less than $10!

This really works with any kind of figurine, but there are a few things to keep in mind; make sure you have a smooth, flat surface to glue to the lid of the jar and ensure your figurine is going to fit properly in the jar. We’ve made these a few times before and I’ve made the mistake of buying a character too wide and then too short. These Elsa figurines fit perfectly!

Make Your Own Frozen-Inspired Snow Globe


  • jar
  • super glue
  • figurine
  • sparkles


Make Your Own Frozen-Inspired Snow Globe

Apply super glue to the bottom of your figurine and secure it to the underside of your jar lid. You’re going to want to allow 3-5 minutes to dry, longer if you go with conventional glue, as opposed to super glue.

Make Your Own Frozen-Inspired Snow Globe

While the glue is drying, fill the jar with water. You’ll want to leave a little room at the top for the displacement, from the figurine. Add roughly a tablespoon of sparkles. I chose silver, but my kids added all sorts of colour combinations.

Make Your Own Frozen-Inspired Snow Globe

Ensure your figurine is secure, then place the lid on the jar as tightly as you can. Turn over and shake, then watch the magic happen!

The kids absolutely love this craft, every time we make it. They’ve now got a cute little collection going, of the ones we have made throughout the years. No matter what time of year it is, they find them mesmerizing!


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