It’s finally the holidays and you and the kids are looking forward to some much deserved time off. But, perhaps you’re also feeling a little nervous about how you’ll keep the family entertained once the excitement of social gatherings and present-opening has ended!

Here is our list of economical ways to keep kids of all ages busy over the holidays:

Head Outdoors!

The cool weather might tempt you to stay indoors, but there’s so much fun to be had outside!

Go skating – Whether you head to the rink downtown at City Hall or over to your local park, outdoor skating rinks are plenty during the winter months and offer a fun space that the entire family can enjoy!

Go tobogganing – Snow opens the doors to many fun and free activities, including tobogganing! Dig out the Krazy Karpets and GT Snow Racers and head to the nearest hill.
*A word about safety – keep safe by wearing helmets and sticking to the smaller hills for beginners.

Go for a walk – Walk around your neighbourhood and take in the beautiful light displays and decor on the houses. Or venture out to some local trails and teach the kids about the wildlife that inhabits the outdoor space around them.

Indoor Fun – While the outdoors offer the perfect stage for fun family-friendly activities, the kids are bound to want to come inside at some point!

Host a movie marathon – Grab the popcorn and host a movie marathon with all of your favourite holiday films. Introduce your kids to old classics and get acquainted with a few of the newer ones.

Try baking – Whether you’re making Christmas cookies or just want a treat, baking with the kids is an excellent way to spend time together while teaching them a valuable life skill.

Go swimming – Kids of all ages love to swim! Head to your local indoor swimming pool and splash around in the water as a family. Or sign up the kids for holiday swimming lessons.

Send out thank you cards – Designate a day to write and send out thank you cards to all of the family and friends who gave you and the kids holiday gifts.

Visit Grandma – The holidays give you all a break from the typical school year hustle and bustle. This is the perfect time to visit the grandparents or other relatives you may not see as often as you’d like.

Schedule a play date – Play dates are an excellent way for adults and kids to socialize simultaneously! Plan a day to get together with another family with kids around the same age as your own.

Field Trips – Just because they’re out of school for a couple of weeks doesn’t mean a field trip is out of the question.

Head to the museum – Your local historical museum or children’s museum will most likely offer special family rates over the holidays and activities such as kids’ crafts and entertainment.

Volunteer – Teach your kids the value of serving their community by visiting and volunteering at the local shelter, soup kitchen or toy drive this season.

With a little planning and imagination, you can easily keep the kids busy over the holidays – and maintain your sanity too!