How Tall Will My Child Be?If you’re like many parents and parents-to-be, you have spent a lot of time day dreaming about what your children will look and act like. You may have wondered whether your children will look like you or your partner and what type of personality they will develop as they grow older. In addition, you also may have wondered how tall they will grow!

Your children’s physical features are apparent the minute they are born and you can get an idea of their personality in the first couple years of their life but determining their height is something you have to wait years for. Luckily, there are predictors you can go by and common beliefs you can follow to help determine their future height. Of course predictions and beliefs should not be taken literally but they can make guessing more fun.

The most common way parents can guess the future height of their children is to take their height on their second birthday and multiply that by two. To determine by gender, follow the guidelines below:

For boys, add each parent’s height in inches and divide that number by two. Take that number and add 2.5 inches to determine future height.

For girls, add each parent’s height in inches and divide that number by two. Subtract 2.5 inches from that number to determine future height.

It is believed that the ultimate height will be four inches over or below the final number.

Your children’s future height can also be determined by taking an x ray of the epiphyseal growth plates (also known as just growth plates) located at the end of your child’s long bone (the bones making up the leg’s femur, tibias and fibula). Physicians can gain a pretty accurate estimation of final height before and after puberty using this method but it’s still important to note that this does not necessarily deliver 100% accurate results.

While these predictions help to determine your children’s adult height in inches, you can predict in a more general sense by taking their nutrition and general health into account. For example, many people believe children will not grow as tall if they don’t eat sufficient amounts of fibre and protein prior to puberty. This is because without proper nutrition, the growth hormones aren’t working at the speed they should be and bones aren’t growing to their full capacity. The same can be said if your children aren’t getting enough exercise.

Fresh air and vitamin D are also believed to play major roles in future height.

While it’s fun to guess and dream of your children as adults, predictions and beliefs are just rough estimates and should not be taken literally. Instead of planning their future based on the height you have predicted (avoid holding out for that basketball scholarship!), focus on the health of your children by incorporating fitness and proper nutrition into their everyday life. By teaching healthy lifestyle choices early on and taking genetics into account, you can be rest assured they will grow as tall as they are meant to.