If you love to ski, teaching your little ones how to navigate the slopes can equal many hours of quality family fun during the winter months! Even if you don’t live near a hill, there are countless ski resorts across Canada that make for wonderful holidays or day excursions! You may be dreaming of sipping hot chocolate with your kids after a fun day of skiing, but they have to learn how first!

Here are our tips to teaching little ones how to ski:

Wait until they’re ready

Before you invest in the time, energy, and money to teach your little one to ski, be sure she is ready. Here are some signs your child may be ready to ski:

  • she is showing interest in learning the sport;
  • she is older than two years of age;
  • she loves the snow;
  • she has the proven endurance and interest to stay active for at least an hour in the snow;
  • she can physically handle wearing skis and ski boots.

Build Excitement

Get your child excited for skiing by shopping for a warm ski outfit together. Let him help pick out an appropriate jacket, snow pants, mittens or gloves, a hat, goggles and helmet.Β  Click here for some tips for finding the right ski helmet.

Focus on Fun

It isn’t worth the effort unless the main focus in on fun. Get out there with your child and treat the experience like a fun event you’re doing together rather than a skill you expect him to learn. Play games like follow the leader to get him used to being on skis and “I-Spy” to help make the chairlift ride go by faster. End the day with a treat at the chalet!

Sign up for lessons

Even if you’re an avid skier, teaching your child how to ski isn’t always easy. Consider signing her up for ski lessons at your local hill. Ski lessons will not only help her learn, but will help build confidence while introducing her to other kids. Visit Ski Canada for hills and ski lessons in your area.

Going out as a family for a day of skiing is a great way to enjoy the winter months – as long as your kids are ready, the right training and precautions are taken.