Back to School Study TipsWith school back in full swing, your kids are juggling new schedules filled with social events, extracurricular activities and homework. While they may eagerly jump into some things, taking the time to study could require more work.

Here are some back-to-school study tips that will help your kids throughout this year and beyond:

Diminish Distractions
With many homework assignments requiring the use of a computer and the Internet, it can be easy for your kids to lose focus even with the best of intentions. Whether it’s communicating with friends via Facebook, reading what the hottest celebrity just posted on Twitter or checking out the latest video on YouTube, the distractions are endless.

Here are some tips to diminish distractions:

  • Turn off the internet – Your kids may require the Internet for research but once they find what they’re looking for it might be better switched off.
  • Schedule online and offline socializing – Give your kids a specific time they can talk with friends on the phone and network online. If they tend to be more focused after dinner, schedule study time then and allow them to chat before dinner or vice versa.
  • Create a quiet space – Have your kids sit in a quiet, comfortable, well-lit area away from the TV and the rest of the family.

Develop a Time Management Plan
Let your child decide when he feels most productive and set that time aside for school work.

Once the time is established, help your child prioritize according to due date, size of project and difficulty.

Encourage breaks. Whether for five minutes or half an hour, breaks are essential for maintaining mental alertness and comprehension.

Benefit from Technology
While technology can act as a distraction, it’s also very beneficial for homework and study time. Many free apps for iPad and iPhone offer information at the touch of a finger. Some helpful apps include:

  • – This free app allows users to search and browse over two million words, definitions, synonyms and antonyms.
  • Math Ref – This free app will help your kids figure out answers to questions for algebra, geometry and more.
  • myHomework – This is another free app that will help your child organize his assignments and class schedules.

In addition to iPhone and iPad, social networking through such programs as Skype and Facebook can benefit your child by allowing him to get instant feedback or answers from fellow students regarding projects and due dates.

Encourage Positive Thinking
Always remember that children are like sponges. For this reason, it’s important to be positive about your child’s school work. The attitude you express will become his attitude too.

Provide Guidance Not Answers
Encourage your child to ask questions but refrain from giving him the answers or doing his homework for him. Instead, help him find where he can get the answers to his questions and offer advice where you can.

Study time is an integral part of your kids’ development. Learning effective study techniques will not only help them succeed academically but also personally as they learn about responsibility, independent thinking and problem solving.