Summer is the perfect time for your kids to discover new things and try out new activities. Play outdoors, indoors, play with ice, play with water; there is always a ton to do! Here are 5 activities you should definitely try out this summer!

Make art on the lawn

Art is a great way for your kids to use their gross and fine motor skills all while developing their creativity. Staying inside to paint when the weather outside is gorgeous can sometimes be a bit of a drag. Take it outside! Get an old white cloth, lay it on the grass and let your kids unleash their creativity.

Drip drip splash!

Think “Duck, duck, goose!” but with a bucket of water. This activity is perfect to have fun on hotter days. Bring your kid’s friends or the family along for the perfect group activity this summer. This activity is perfect for groups with a wide age span and will keep everyone entertained.

Sponge Water Balls

You may have already tried water balloons. If you did, you know they’re a pain to fill up and they’ll last approximately 0.265 seconds in the hands of your kids. Sponge balls are a great alternative to water balloons. Dip them in water and voilà! You have a “reusable water balloon”!

Balloon Tennis

Sometimes, during the summer, it can get a little bit too hot outside for your little ones to be playing sports. Balloon tennis lets your kid play inside without risking to damage the furniture or many other things. Just glue some plastic spoons or popsicle sticks to cardboard plates and you’re good to go! Simple to make and hours of fun, guaranteed!

Ice Dinosaurs

Kids love exploring. This summer, let them explore while cooling off. Freeze some little plastic dinosaurs in ice cubes and let them play around with them. Let them release their inner ice archeologist! Remember to use a bucket if you’re playing with ice inside!

So you have any summer activities that your kids loves? Share them with us and remember to subscribe to our newsletter for other ideas!