With spring flowers comes some showers! This season, don’t let a little rain stop you and the family from enjoying the day. There’s plenty to do inside! Read on for 20 fun rainy day activities the kids will love.

Get Active

Create an Obstacle Course – Find different items around the house like pots and pans, stuffed animals, and pillows to set up a clever course. Try this neat spider web obstacle course idea we found on Pinterest!

Play Ping Pong Ball Catch – Give each of your kids a plastic cup and one Ping Pong ball to catch back and forth. Watch something so simple deliver hours of fun!

Play Hide-and-Go-Seek – This is an age-old game that never gets old! Give it a twist by turning out the lights and giving each participant a flashlight!

Get Messy

Before beginning these activities, place newspaper or a plastic tablecloth on the kitchen table. You may also want to have towels for cleanup on hand!

Paint with Kitchen Utensils – Show another use for kitchen utensils by using them as paintbrushes. Use a variety of paint colours and experiment with different tools like potato mashers and spatulas to see what shapes they each make on the paper.

Make Elephant Toothpaste – With a name like elephant toothpaste, what kid wouldn’t want to try out this experiment? They’ll have a ton of fun playing with growing foam they’ll forget they’re stuck indoors! Try this easy recipe we found on Pinterest!

Create Art with Shaving Cream – Grab some Tupperware and shaving cream. Grab some food colouring and use the shaving cream as a canvas to showcase the different colours! Here are some more great shaving cream art ideas.

Get Creative

Create an Awesome Fort – Fort building never gets old – especially when created with an incredible imagination! Check out these creative fort ideas for some inspiration!

Create Crayon Art – All it takes is a box of crayons, glue, a hair dryer and a canvas to create a beautiful, yet simple, work of art! Take a look at how on our Pinterest page!

Create Slime – Encourage kids to work with their hands by introducing them to play slime! Work together to make your own gooey goodness  using just a few ingredients with this slime recipe!

Foster Learning

Experiment with Food Colouring and Oil – What happens when you mix water, oil, and food colouring? A “fireworks” display in a glass! We found this experiment to be easy and a lot of fun for the kids.

Go On a Scavenger Hunt – Do you want your kids to learn about animals? Or teach them the alphabet? Make educating fun with a scavenger hunt!

Play Word-Building Charades – Gather together as a family, break up into teams and play a game of charades using different words to help build your kids’ vocabulary!

Make it Rain Indoors – This is a cool experiment that’s fun, easy, and will teach kids about the atmosphere.

Create a Rain Gauge – Use the wet weather to teach kids about measuring with a homemade rain gauge.

Get Peace and Quiet

Take the dreary outdoors as an opportunity to enjoy some peace and quiet inside. Let kids enjoy some alone time and enjoy some yourself too with these simple activities:

  • Read a Book
  • Play with Lego
  • Do a Puzzle
  • Build with Popsicle Sticks
  • Colour a Picture
  • Play with Play Dough or Kinetic Sand

The fun doesn’t stop when the rain starts! There’s plenty to do indoors that will keep the kids entertained for hours.