Right now your tiny baby is about the size of a small bean (4 to 5 millimeters across).

Just beginning to take shape, the child consists of an oversized head and dark spots where his or her eyes and nostrils are starting to form.

The baby’s heart is beating as twice as fast as yours – about 100 to 130 beats per minute.

Muscle fibers are starting to build and halfway through this week, it is likely that its tiny limbs will begin to move (although you will not feel the movement at this stage).

You may soon find yourself very emotional, feeling moody one day and joyful the next.

Make sure to get your dose of calcium!  Even if you are lactose intolerant, look for lactose reduced milk, or try drinking smaller portions with food.

Spotting or bleeding is common in early pregnancy, however it may also be signs of a possible miscarriage.  If you notice spotting or bleeding, make an appointment to see your doctor right away.


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