If you’re stuck for ideas to keep your kids busy during March Break, here are 14 free (or cheap) activities to get you inspired!

  1. Library – explore all of the new offerings at your local library. Bonus – there may be special March Break programming, such as story time, Lego-building and more.
  2. Recreation centre – why not go for a swim at your local rec centre pool, or take advantage of open gym time?
  3. Scavenger walk – check out these awesome scavenger walk printables from makeandtakes.com
  4. Lego party – get some neighbourhood kids together and host a Lego building play date.
  5. Movie time – there’s nothing wrong with snuggling in on a cold day with popcorn and a good movie. Tip: the perfect accompaniment to movie day/night is a build your own pizza bar!
  6. Play date swap – find another parent who’s home with their child(ren) and arrange a play date swap so you’ll each get a few hours of work/grocery shopping/cleaning/”me” time during this busy week.
  7. Fort building – whether you do it ‘old-school’ with furniture, pillows and blankets, or using a fun fort kit, the kids will be busy for hours building – and then playing inside – their new hideout!
  8. Science time – try some fun kid-friendly science experiments with your children using items found around your home; older kids will be able to do many of them on their own.
  9. Car races – if you’ve got mini master builders in your house, give them a challenge! Have each child create a vehicle using Lego or another building toy, then spend the afternoon racing them on different surfaces.
  10. Sports with friends – if you’re stuck for activities to do with your kids, chances are other parents are in the same boat. Get neighbourhood kids together for a game of pickup ball hockey, basketball, etc at your local park.
  11. Hot chocolate bar – this is always a big hit, especially after some outdoor fun! We’ve got all the details to get you started.
  12. Get crafty – spread out all of your art supplies and let your kids get creative. If you want to make it extra special, host an art gallery opening to display all of your wonderful new masterpieces, complete with finger food and fizzy drinks (aka juice and carbonated water)!
  13. Hide and seek – an oldie-but-a-goodie, hide and seek is always in style!
  14.  St. Patrick’s Day breakfast party – since shamrock day falls during March Break this year, why not celebrate it in style?

What activities do you like to do with your family?

Here’s to a fun-filled March Break!

Lisa is a writer, social media consultant and editor-in-chief of MomResource.ca. She’s a crafty, DIY-loving, fashionista who loves to unwind with a good manicure and an afternoon spent at a museum. Her husband, two kids and dog keep her pretty busy, but in her spare time, you can find her blogging at Fab Frugal Mama.