While many children’s products on the market today are safe, there are some products that do not meet government health and safety regulations. Health and safety regulations are derived from the Hazardous Products Act and the Food and Drugs Act.  Past and present product recall information can be found on the Consumer Product Recall section of the Health Canada website.

The Canadian government has a vested interest in the safety of your children and Health Canada continually researches potential hazardous products, working hard to raise public awareness of potential injury and illness developed through particular products. Health Canada raises awareness by issuing regular safety advisories, product recalls and warnings. Through its research, Health Canada enforces necessary product safety regulations and standards.

In addition to the efforts made by Health Canada to ensure the safety of Canadian children, the Canadian government encourages the public to report product-related injuries, illnesses or deaths.

Do you have an incident to report?

Product-related safety concerns can be reported on the Consumer Product Safety section of the Health Canada website. Your concern or report can relate to:

  • Consumer products
  • Children’s products
  • Cosmetic or personal care products
  • Electronic products
  • Pesticides

Children’s products may include:

  • Child care equipment and furniture
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Toys and related products

While product recalls can save your child from injury, illness or death, it is important to ensure the safety of your child before an emergency occurs. By keeping close supervision of your children and being aware of your child’s surroundings, many injuries can easily be avoided. Visit the Consumer Product Safety section of the Health Canada website to learn more about tips on keeping your child safe.