The temperature has dipped, the snow won’t stop falling and icy conditions make it impossible to drive. The schools have closed and it’s officially declared a snow day. Your kids are excited but you’re wondering how to keep them occupied (and yourself sane!).

Rather than sit your kids in front of the television, why not spend some quality time together as a family? Below are some inside and outside activity suggestions the entire family can enjoy next time you find yourself home on a snow day.

Outdoor Fun!

Make snow angels – Find an area of fresh fallen snow. Lie on your back, keeping your entire body flat in the snow. Brush your arms over your head and your legs apart, almost like you’re doing a jumping jack. Repeat until you have made indentations in the snow.

Create snow art – Give your kids spray bottles filled with warm water coloured with food colouring. Have them “paint” to their hearts content on the snowy canvas in your backyard.

Have snowball throwing contests – This is a great (and safe) alternative to the traditional snow fight! Make snowballs and see who can throw the furthest. Create a target in the snow with your spray bottles filled with food colouring.

Play Tic Tac Snow! – Try this creative twist on the traditional game of Tic Tac Toe. Use the snow as your canvas for drawing the board and then get creative for the game pieces. Use pine cones or a hat as the letter “O” and two branches crisscrossed for the letter “X”.

Get Crafty Indoors!

Paper Snowflakes

Children aged three and over will enjoy this simple craft created out of paper and scissors. It’s also an excellent lesson in geometry and angles.
What you’ll need:

  • Children’s scissors.
  • Construction paper.
  • Glue.


  • Fold a piece of paper in half.
  • Fold over one side, then the other, to make two 60 degree folds.
  • Cut off the edges of the paper in an arc – this makes a circle (if you were to unfold the paper).
  • Cut a lot of the paper away.
  • Unfold your snowflake carefully.
  • Tape onto a window or glue onto a folded piece of construction paper to create a winter card.

Handprint Snowman

Have your kids using their hands, literally, with this simple winter craft. What you’ll need:

  • White craft paint.
  • Black craft paint.
  • Orange craft paint.
  • Coloured construction paper.
  • Small paintbrush.
  • Plastic tray.


  • Pour white paint into plastic tray.
  • Have your child place his hand in the tray, coating his entire hand with paint.
  • Help your child place his hand firmly on the construction paper. Be sure to press each finger and palm down.
  • Allow the handprint to dry completely.
  • Dip the small paintbrush into the black paint and paint a hat, two eyes and a mouth on the top of each fingerprint.
  • Use the orange paint to create a carrot nose on each fingerprint.
  • You may also use other paint colours to create a scarf, mittens and boots. Get creative!

It’s easy to get as excited about a snow day as your kids do when you play outdoor games that take advantage of the white stuff or get crafty indoors. Involving your kids in fun and energetic activities will quickly transform a stormy day into a bright day you and they will remember and cherish.