pregnant-todo-imageAnticipating the birth of your baby is quite an exciting time! It’s fun to plan for when the newest addition to your family arrives, but you should also consider things to do now to help you enjoy the remaining months, weeks or even days of your pregnancy.

We have listed the top seven things to do right now during your pregnancy:

1.Create a budget – A new baby brings all kinds of expenses – some of which are unexpected! And maternity leave means a limited pay cheque for the next year. Creating a family budget and saving now for things like diapers, wipes, formula, clothing and furniture will help ease financial pressures once the baby is here.

2. Create a birthing plan –ย  Every birthing experience is different, so it’s always best to be prepared for the unexpected. But it’s still important to have an idea of how you’d like things to happen. Think about things like where you would like to give birth (i.e. in the hospital, at a birth centre or at home), if you would like an epidural, and who will cut the umbilical cord. Having a birthing plan can help reduce stress by making you feel more comfortable and prepared for labour.

3. Consider child care – Baby’s not even here yet, but it’s necessary to start looking into child care, especially if you have your heart set on a particular place (some daycares have waiting lists). You also want to start as early as possible so you have time to do your research and conduct interviews to find the perfect fit for your family.

4. Create a child-proofing plan – Consider things like where to install baby gates, what large pieces of furniture should be secured to the wall, and what cabinets to lock. Thinking about safety now will help keep you from feeling overwhelmed a few months after baby is born when he begins exploring his surroundings.

5. Register for gifts – Especially if this is your first child, chances are someone is planning on throwing you a baby shower. Think of the items you still need such as a breast pump, crib bedding, and bath essentials, and let your family and friends know through a gift registry at your favourite store.

6. Take time out for yourself – Enjoy the solitude while you still can and give yourself some “me” time. Go for a daily walk, treat yourself to a pregnancy massage and get your nails and hair done.

7.Take a vacation – If this is your first baby, you might want to consider taking a romantic vacation with your partner before the two of you becomes three! Whether you decide to travel to an exotic location or stay in your own hometown, the point is to enjoy some quality time together now before life gets a little more lively.

As you wait for the arrival of your new baby, do things now to help you enjoy your pregnancy and prepare for your growing family.