The test has confirmed it – you’re pregnant! This is such an exciting time and you can’t wait to share the news with family and friends. But how will you tell them? Announcing that you’re pregnant will spark joy and delight from your loved ones no matter how you share but if you’re looking for some inspiration, read on. We have rounded up some of the most creative pregnancy announcements we could find on the web!

Hold a “Sale” – This couple cleverly and hilariously put up their so-called “pre baby” gear for sale after they found out they were expecting!

(photo source:

Buy a jar of Prego – It’s that easy (and smart!) Buy a jar of Prego tomato sauce and use it as a prop in your photo! Or, if you’re surprising the daddy, leave it for him to find on the counter with a little note that says, “guess what?”

Put a bun in the oven – Do you remember this dad’s tearful reaction to learning his wife was pregnant? The mom left an ultrasound photo in the oven next to a couple of buns.  Very well done.

Gift it – Whether you put a positive pregnancy stick in a gift box like this mom did or surprise the kids with a present they’ll never forget like these girls got (their reactions are priceless!) Giving the gift of a surprise pregnancy announcement is sure to give unexpected happiness to those receiving it.

Be “pun” ny – You have to love a good pun when you’re sharing news like a pregnancy! Take a look at this clever announcement:

(photo source:

Or these cute ideas using road signs!

(photo source: The Dating Divas)

Get older kids involved – Older kids love to know they’re included in the exciting news. Get them involved in the announcement with some clever props.

Every super hero DOES need a sidekick! Dress up your older child in a superhero costume and have him share his news with a sign that reads “Ever superhero needs a sidekick. Arriving (enter birth date).

(Photo source – Brainjet)

Share the news with a funny math equation. If you have one child, help him or her tell the world there will soon be two…or three!

(photo source: Oddee)

Announce your upcoming addition with a movie poster – It’s easy now to create your own graphics. Use a program like Photoshop or a free online tool like Canva to create your own! Here is one we enjoyed:

(Photo source: The Poore Baby)

Simple yet adorable – You don’t have to spend too much time (or money) to create the perfect pregnancy announcement. Take a picture, send a card, or simply call up your family and friends to let them know. But, it is fun to do all of these things with a little pizzazz! Take a look at these simple pregnancy announcements:

A marker and a camera is all you need for this shot. (Photo source: Earth Porm)

Blue or pink paint can go a long way!

(Photo source: New Age Pregnancy)

Finding out you’re expecting a baby is such an exciting time! Why not announce it in a creative, fun way? If you’re looking for more inspiration, visit our All About Pregnancy board on our Pinterest page!