By: Colette Bouchez

To make your own ultra safe, all natural hair tints, try these recipes:

For red highlights or to enhance red hair:
½ cup of beet juice mixed with ½ cup of carrot juice. Mix together, pour on damp hair, and let sit for one hour before washing out. If you spend that hour sitting in direct sunlight, the effects will be even more dramatic.

For blonde highlights:
Mix 1 cup of lemon juice with 3 cups of chamomile tea that has been brewed, cooled, and strained.  Pour over damp hair and let sit for one hour – again sunlight will enhance the properties of the color.  Wash out and follow with a conditioner. For significant blonde color use daily for up to three weeks.

For brunette hair:
Prepare strong black coffee or tea.  After washing hair, pour the mixture through hair 15 times, re-rinsing using the same liquid. (You can do this by placing a large pasta or soup pot in the sink to catch the rinse, then pour into a large jar for the next rinse). On the final rinse through, leave on hair for 15 minutes, then rinse with clear water.

A word about perming and straightening your pregnant hair

While there is little in the way of scientific information  on the safety of perming or relaxing your hair during pregnancy, perhaps the most convincing evidence against the their use comes directly from hairdressers. Most say that because pregnancy hormones frequently interfere with, or even change, the way  your hair reacts to perm or relaxing solutions, you could  easily end up with a look that is quite opposite of what you expected. Hair can get frizzy or straight instead of curly, or kinky and frizzy instead of straight. So forgo the perm or straightening for now – and opt for a style that’s easy to manage without the extra chemical treatments.


Excerpted from Your Perfectly Pampered Pregnancy