The holiday season is quickly approaching, and you may be wondering what gift to buy the mom-to-be in your life. Between baby showers and the wonderful generosity of family and friends, the baby growing in her belly will receive plenty. Consider a gift that she can call her own. Here are our top 11 gifts for expecting moms.

Drink Options

Special occasions often include special beverages. Rather than stick to the typical cranberry and soda, give an expectant mom a few more creative suggestions with a book filled with virgin drink recipes.

A Break

Sometimes all a mom-to-be wants is someone to walk the dog, do the laundry, and guarantee a night out once baby arrives. Promise her all that and more with I owe you notes.

Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

Yoga is a great way for expecting and new moms to reduce stress in a safe environment while toning the body. Practicing yoga while pregnant helps expecting moms learn how to breathe deeply and relax as they prepare for the physical demands of labour while postnatal yoga supports a healthy lifestyle as they transition into motherhood.


Morning sickness (and afternoon and night sickness) can make an otherwise enjoyable pregnancy unbearable. Help ease the nausea without medication with an acupressure aide she can take anywhere, anytime.

Delivered Meals

Preparing meals can be a daunting task for moms-to-be! Reduce the stress of grocery shopping and cleaning by arranging to have meals delivered. Companies like SupperWorks or DinnerWorks offer fuss-free delivery of ready-made, healthy meals that any new parent would appreciate.

A Warm Robe

Give the gift of luxurious comfort with a warm, cozy robe. There’s nothing better than putting on something snuggly and warm, whether during those initial contractions before the baby or in the midst of a 4 a.m. feeding!

Comfortable Slippers

Tired, aching feet is a common side effect of pregnancy. Give the gift of podiatric relief with a pair of extra soft slippers to slip into after a long day.

Foot Massager

Speaking of tired feet, a foot massage is a necessary part of pregnancy! Give an electric home foot spa or a wooden foot massager that can easily be transported to the hospital.

A Body Pillow

A good night’s sleep while pregnant isn’t always easy to come by, but a flexible pillow such as a pregnancy pillow or body pillow that offers support in all the right places will make her feel as though she’s sleeping on a cloud.

Photo Memories

Photos evoke emotions and memories that might otherwise have been forgotten. Maternity photo shoots provide pregnant moms with a keepsake they and their baby can cherish for a lifetime.

A Bag for Both Mom and Baby

Give a diaper bag that will act as more than just a carrier for diapers and bottles. Give a mom-to-be a bag that provides the functionality she needs to store baby’s gear, and style that will make her proud to show it off!