Anyone except the expectant couple can throw a baby shower.  Any relative, close friend, or close co-worker should feel perfectly okay about planning a baby shower.  Most baby showers are held before the baby is born, later on in the pregnancy.


It is common courtesy to speak with the expecting parents first before setting a date for the shower.  This ensures that the guests of honour will be available, as well as any other friends, relatives that they would want to be there.  And remember… no long weekends!

It is also acceptable to have the shower after the baby is born.  This works out well as guests can then tailor their gifts to the gender of the baby, and of course, everyone is delighted to see the baby face-to-face!

Who to invite?

Again, it is always a good idea to consult the guest of honour before finalizing the list.  This simply helps to avoid leaving out some important people or inviting someone that they would prefer not to include. Co-ed baby showers are becoming increasingly common, so you may want to consider inviting the men along.

Plan to send invitations out early enough to give the guests at least a few weeks’ notice: This allows them enough time to work the shower into their schedules and shop for the perfect gift.

If you’re the guest of honour, sending out thank you cards or even a small gift or token to the guests of the shower is always a nice gesture and is likely to be well-received amongst the guests.

Tip:  have your guests all fill out an envelope with address to help lessen the load when you’re ready to send out your thank you cards.