Are you looking for the perfect gift for Father’s Day? Of course, there are plenty of gift guides offering suggestions at every price point and for every taste. But don’t feel like you must go shopping to give him something he truly wants. Dads are more sentimental than we give them credit for! Of course, watches, golf clubs, and crisp new shirts are always contenders, but many men are simply looking for something that can’t be physically unwrapped.

That’s right. Father’s Day may be considered a “Hallmark” holiday by some, but in reality, your credit card doesn’t need to see the light of day. We asked dads what they want for Father’s Day and here are the top answers:

Food and Family

“Breakfast and a homemade card. I’d also love a nap with some peace and quiet.” – Jonathon

“A homemade breakfast with my family. A walk with a coffee and a big Sloaney-mug.” – Charles (dad to Sloane)

“A visit to a patio with the family for lunch and a pint of beer. Followed by a movie.” – Alex

“Someone else to barbeque.” – Chris

“A picnic followed by a walk with the family.” – Brendan

A Day Away

“Golf with my dad and brother.” – Shannon

“A couple of hours alone on my boat.” – Taylor

“Fishing! I’d like to take my five-year-old fishing at our local pier.” – Josh


“A professional massage with an RMT would be nice!” – David

“I get up at 5 a.m. every day for work and help out with the baby throughout the night on the weekends. So to sleep in would be amazing.” – Michael

“I usually mow the lawn on the weekends. I’d like to let the grass grow while I sit with my feet up on the patio with a nice, cold beer.” – Ryan

“I would love to sit on the couch, all by myself, and watch my vault of PVR’d Games of Thrones for the afternoon.” – Craig

Of course, we didn’t stop at one question. We also wanted to know what it means to be a dad. Here are the top answers:

“Being a good role model, a teacher, and that shoulder to cry on.” – Charles

“Being woken up with pokes at 6 a.m. and being someone’s hero.” – Jay

“Having someone else’s best interest on my mind. Constantly.” – Scott

“Being able to walk in pint-size shoes.” – Jeff

“No longer being selfish but learning how to be selfless” – James

“Knowing that you have little ones watching and learning from your every move – so they better be meaningful” – Greg

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate the dads and dad figures in our life. Don’t worry about getting him the latest, greatest gadget or an expensive shirt (and certainly skip the tie). He has enough “stuff”.  What he doesn’t always have enough of, though, is quality time spent with the family, and a little time to relax on his own.