Oh, the Holidays. Christmas, Hanukkah, whatever you are celebrating- this time of year is always such a beautiful, happy time filled with love, family and food. However, for a pregnant woman the holidays can conjure up a slew of different feelings. Want a sip of that mulled wine? Nope, baby can’t have any. The smell of cooked turkey is making your stomach turn? Sorry mama, everyone else at the table seems to be enjoying it! Want to wear something cute to your office holiday party? Too bad- this big baby bump is making you look like a snowman no matter what you wear. The list of annoyances can go on forever!

If someone you love is pregnant this holiday season and you’re shopping for a useful gift for her, here’s a list of a few surprising items that she would absolutely love especially now that she’s donning an adorable little (or big) baby bump this year. A few of these items may surprise you, and a few may be downright strange- but believe me, these are items I wish I got when I was pregnant during the Christmas season 2 years ago!

1. An aromatic diffuser

These things will make any room smell like a spa or an upscale department store. A few drops of citrus-y essential oils will help curb any stomach-churning smells coming from the kitchen. When I was pregnant I couldn’t stand the smell of cooked meat, and for any mamas who share this sentiment, having a diffuser in every room of our house helped curb the queasiness! I have this beautiful one from Saje Wellness. 

2. An old fashioned hot water bottle (preferably with an adorable knit/fur/sparkly cover)

I bought one of these things while I was pregnant, and brought it to work with me every single day. I sat in my office chair with this warm buddy of mine nestled between my ergonomic chair and my lower back, and was a happy camper for most of the day. Mine is covered in chic black fur; get your lady one with a fancy cover so it doubles as a fancy accessory! (Your colleagues might even mistake it for a groovy new purse or clutch. Bonus!) Indigo has a bunch that are adorable.

3. Compression socks

I am not joking. As un-sexy of a gift as this is, if you love this lady, buy her a pair. Compression socks feel absolutely amazing on swollen legs, ankles and feet. They also apparently help with the prevention of varicose veins, which is a common complaint of women who have had children. If she looks at you like you’re insane for giving her such a lame gift, just tell her to put them on, and then sit back and smugly sip your eggnog as she parades happily around the house in joy. Our partners at Well.ca sell compression socks here.

4. Belly Jellies, Tummy Tonics and other Oils/Moisturizers

Here in the East Coast, the winter air leaves us feeling extra dry and itchy. Combine that winter dryness with the discomfort of a growing belly, and you’ve got a pregnant mama constantly complaining of itchy skin. Grab her an ointment, oil or jelly that she can smooth on her belly (or just about anywhere) to keep her feeling comfy this holiday season! My favourites were Substance’s Belly Jelly and Honest Company’s Organic Belly Balm. They smelled so good, I almost wanted to eat them. They also double as fantastic lip balms too!

5. Epsom Bath Salts

Sure, Epsom salt doesn’t sound like such a great holiday gift idea, but for the pregnant woman who is constantly achy, taking regular epsom salt baths can really help with soreness. A fancy scented epsom salt may be a great stocking stuffer, or addition to her belly oils. This lavender one would be ideal for those relaxing baths right before bedtime. 

6. Face Mists

Before I became pregnant, I always thought face mists were useless products that were a result of incredibly successful marketing in the beauty industry. I didn’t realize that using a face mist could feel so good. Not only did they keep my skin feeling fresh and hydrated throughout the day, but they also worked as an extremely glamorous way to wake my tired, pregnant self up. Was I spritzing my face every few hours as part of my French beauty routine? Or was I just waking myself up in a chic manner at my desk? They’ll never know. (More like option B!) Rosewater mists were my favourite. 

7. Silicone Wedding Band

For every hubby or wife reading this, your pregnant partner may be at the point in her pregnancy where her jewelry (especially rings) don’t fit anymore. Yes it’s a concern, since she won’t want her wedding rings to be stuck on her finger (ouch) and perhaps she wants to wear a statement of your love and commitment to each other for the duration of her pregnancy. So, these silicone wedding bands are a great temporary solution! They’re comfy and a little bit stretchy, allowing room for the changes that may occur in her hands throughout her pregnancy. Choose from a variety of cute colours and textures too! 

8. A cute eye mask

Sleep becomes a major priority when pregnant (and forever after- sleep becomes as precious as gold when you have kids.) so why not encourage some beauty rest with a cute and/or sassy eye mask? This one is perfect for your pregnant lady– “napping for two” is a serious task.

What other must-haves can you add to this list?

We’d love to hear your favourite mama-to-be essentials! Comment your fave must-haves below.

Stephanie Casino

 Stephanie Casino is a mom of one, a digital content specialist and founder of the Canadian contest website for parents and tots, www.LuckyLittleOnes.ca. She claims her daily fuel is often in the form of strong coffee and even stronger wifi.