The Holiday season is upon us…we’re making plans for entertaining, attending gatherings and basically putting out fires left and right as the pace of our lives ramp up. Is this really what Christmas is about?

Seriously, it can all become overwhelming as we try to balance “normal” life with the festive season and it’s important that we don’t get lost in the hectic pace. Finding a balance can be difficult as we’re scouring stores for that one must-have item on the kids wish list which is eluding us…but it’s worth the effort.

Stop, Drop and Breathe!

This holiday season I implore you all to join me in a new kind of Holiday activity which I’m calling Stop, Drop and Breathe! For some of you this is a no-brainer. You’re the person who is completely relaxed during the Holiday preparations…I admire you.

I on the other hand tend to get all wound up about everything on my many lists. This isn’t ok…I learned over the years (cough..not that many years) that I had to let go at some point. I had to step back from my internal expectations and ask myself “What is the worst that can happen if I don’t get it all done”.

Would my children be scarred if I didn’t find that 1 thing they’re begging for; would my friendships be over if the meals I served weren’t perfect…on and on I posed these questions to myself until the final one which was “What is the Holiday season REALLY about?”.

It’s not about all of the “stuff” or the achievements; Christmas is about spending time with those in your lives whom you really care about, helping others and making memories. If we’re making ourselves so frazzled with the preparation, we’ll be in a heck of a mess by the time Christmas rolls around and will we truly experience the day as we could if we were relaxed?

These days I take time to just flat-out STOP, DROP all of the preparations and BREATHE for a moment to ground myself. These moments (or hours) are so cathartic, they balance out my day and I find I’m able to see the forest for the trees again.

This holiday season I am wishing you moments of reflection where you are just drawn to smile at a fond memory…and I hope you too take time for yourself.

blissdomheadshot-julie-heightI am Julie, a wife and mother who also happens to be a recovering alcoholic. I live in Southern Ontario with my fantastic husband, two daughters and our dogs who are beloved members of our family. Find me at