I’m a shopper… always have been, and always will be.

In my shopping heyday, it was practically a sport, with me scouting out the best price on the latest must-have handbag or high-heeled shoes. If there was a sale out there, I’d find it.

But a funny thing happened when my daughter was born – I stopped shopping for myself.  Maybe a yoga-pant-induced haze came over me, or I was just too tired…who knows? I eventually snapped out of it, but my shopping habits have been pretty tame since then. After all, there’s a lot to pay for when you’ve got kids!

So, these days I’m all about the little indulgences… things that are functional, beautiful and won’t leave a dent in my bank account.

If you find yourself in the same position, I highly recommend that you check out my favourite things this month – just in time for the holidays.


Personalized Phone Case from MonogramStyles

I’ve been a huge fan of monograms ever since I was a kid, so imagine my delight when I found this Etsy shop that makes personalized phone cases. If you don’t see exactly what you want, they’ll make something just for you. The case below is my customized creation!

My Favourite Things For Mom
Statement Necklace from Pink Lovebird Boutique

If there’s one thing that will take you from bland to glam over the holidays, it’s a statement necklace. Whether your style is bold and bright or understated and elegant, Pink Lovebird has something for everyone – and at great prices. Many items are under $40 and shipping in Canada is free!

My Favourite Things For Mom

Image: Pink Lovebird Boutique


Classic Tote Bag from Hudson’s Bay Company

Nothing says “Canada” like the Hudson’s Bay stripes! This iconic patterned tote will elevate any casual outfit and is a classy way to transport all those holiday packages that you’ll be shopping for.

My Favourite Things For Mom

Image: Hudson’s Bay Company


Cozy Plaid Scarf from Old Navy

While plaid is truly a classic that never goes out of style, it IS particularly hot this season. So why not keep warm with a cozy, oversized scarf in a myriad of colourful options? And at only $25, it makes a great gift, too!


My Favourite Things For Mom
Image: Old Navy


Neighbourhood Toque from Tuck Shop Trading Company

Love where you live? Then, show it off with a chic Canadian-made ‘City of Neighbourhoods’ toque! Tuck Shop is adding more neighbourhoods every season so if you don’t see yours, check back often. Or, just go classic and get a “Canada” version.

My Favourite Things For Mom

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Think of it this way – you’re doing them a favour. 😉


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