Every time I visit the grocery store, I’m drawn to the gorgeous covers of home décor magazines lining the checkout aisle. While my kids beg for the chocolate bars and Kinder eggs on the shelf (not happening!), I yearn to get lost in the pages of the latest Canadian House & Home, Dwell and House Beautiful.

I’ve always loved DIY projects and getting crafty. Since the demands of family and business leave very little time to indulge my artsy side these days, whenever I do decide to tackle a project, I usually involve my kids so we can have some fun together.

Over the years, I’ve made some cool stuff – from my wedding dress to the artwork decorating my kids’ nurseries – and, to be honest, most of it was created out of need more than frivolity.

The same can be said of my latest project – the huge hole in the wall separating my bedroom and hallway that needs to be covered up.

Mondrian-inspired DIY Art

We discovered this cut-out when we moved into our home a few years ago. It had originally been masked by artwork, and we realized it had been created to help get oversized furniture into the master bedroom. Since we’ve found it useful for getting large items up the adjacent stairs, we decided not to drywall over it as originally planned and, instead, fill it with (removeable) foam (see image above) and cover it up with art just like the previous owners had done.

The only problem? Finding artwork to fit!

Its large size (30” x 60”) makes buying art from a gallery prohibitive (pieces that big start at over $1000). And, even if we wanted to invest in artwork, the chance of finding a canvas to fit those measurements closely is slim.

So I decided that a fun DIY project was just the thing we needed. We like art deco and modern art so we chose to create something reminiscent of Mondrian’s block art. And, we did it using relatively inexpensive materials. 🙂

Mondrian-inspired DIY Art


  • Canvas (ours is 36” x 60”, purchased from DeSerres)
  • Acrylic paints in various colours
  • Foam brushes (purchased from the dollar store)
  • Painter’s tape (medium adhesion or higher)
  • Drop cloth for easy clean up
  • Ruler

How to:

1. Use painter’s tape to mask off sections of your canvas; the ruler will help ensure your lines are straight (measure as you go along).

2. When you’re happy with the layout, use the edge of a credit card to smooth the tape down, ensuring edges are adhered to the canvas (this helps prevent paint from bleeding under the tape)

3. Plan out your colour palette and paint each square accordingly.
We chose assorted hues (my kids mixed many of the colours themselves), but you could use primary colours, as Mondrian did, or a colour scheme of your own choosing.

4. Gently remove tape from the canvas.

5. Clean up any ragged lines with a bit of white paint; apply it using the straight edge of a foam brush for a smooth line.

6. Enjoy your new work of art!


Add texture to your painted squares using bubble wrap, plastic wrap or rough fabric (nubby linen works well). Simply set the item on the wet paint, press, and pull off.

I can honestly say we are thrilled with our new artwork – and the price tag (under $100!). I think Piet Mondrian would be proud.

Fab Frugal Mama