Nutritionist, Cookbook Author,
Food Network Host and Mom, Theresa Albert

Theresa AlbertFew things about being a new mom are more stressful than the food. (Well, maybe the sleep) It should be “just natural,” another extension of the love you feel for this child but the truth is, there is so much myth and mysticism surrounding what first foods to eat, when to start and how much is enough.  And, let’s face it, we no longer live in supportive groups where we would learn from our moms, friends and aunties the secret recipes of a whole, healthy life.

That’s why I am here.  As a personal chef and nutritionist, I have seen all the “mistakes” mothers make in their quest for healthy kids. As a cookbook author and television show host of Food Network’s Just One Bite, a daily cooking show that attempts to unravel the kid palate and encourage the family platter, I have spooned the same tune…in food, as in all other things “parent”, WE ARE LEADERS, WE LEAD!

My fervent hope is to give you the tools to succeed. To have a happy, healthy child who is free from allergies and full of verve! To grow them into teenagers who say “mmm, thanks mom, my friends love your muffins, nachos, soup, biscuits…” The secrets will unfold, one by one and the recipes will follow. You will find whole, real foods and ridiculously easy ways to prepare them.  You will get a pinch of advice from a mom who has been there and lived to tell the story. And, you will get this right, it’s only natural.