Ever since my husband’s first Father’s Day, I’ve gone out of my way to make sure he feels loved and celebrated. Since the daily grind sometimes isn’t pretty, it’s so important to let him know – even just for a day – that he is the most important man in my children’s lives. So, as soon as my oldest child could pick up a crayon or use a glue stick, we have crafted something for him each year.

While homemade gifts are certainly budget-friendly, they also serve as beautiful reminders of how little the kids were when they made them. My husband still has (and uses!) the bookmark our daughter gave him when she was three and the clay sculpture she made at the age of four. These items are priceless and, no matter how much your spouse would love an iPad, I can guarantee that a gift made with love by your little one will always top his list!

Here are a few homemade gift ideas that Dad will love – and they’re practical, too!

Personalized Keychain

My daughter made a personalized keychain for each family member during our plane ride to Florida a few years ago, and guess what? Everyone still uses them! (That activity was genius – kept her busy the entire trip!) Not only is it practical, but it helps them learn their letters, too!

Supplies needed:

  • alphabet beads
  • leather cord
  • metal key ring

How To:

Start by tying the leather cord around the key ring with a cow hitch knot. Then, string beads in the desired pattern. We used Melissa & Doug wooden letter beads and they turned out really well. (Note: If you want the letters to last longer and not rub off, I suggest spraying them with a sealer/lacquer first.) Then, simply tie a knot below the beads and you’re done!

Father’s Day Memories

Father’s Day Memories

Custom Art T-shirt

Supplies needed:

  • T-shirt transfer paper
  • T-shirt in Dad’s size

Ever since I realized just how easy it is to make my own t-shirt designs, I’ve gone crazy any chance I get with Avery t-shirt transfer paper! I love them so much that my kids get a custom t-shirt on their birthdays every year… a one-of-a-kind creation to make them feel special on their big day!  So why not make Dad feel special, too?

How To:

Simply scan a piece of your child’s artwork into your computer and print it out on a t-shirt transfer. Follow the package instructions and, in just a few minutes, you’ll have a fabulous masterpiece for Dad to wear!

Picture-Within-A-Picture Art

Since there is usually a LOT of kid art floating around our house, I started thinking of ways to feature it without sticky masking tape residue marking up our walls, and came up with this: picture-within-a-picture art!

How To:

Here’s how it works…

Your little one comes home from school with a piece of Father’s Day art for Daddy (or makes one at home with you). You take a picture of them holding their art in a pretty setting – at the park, in front of your garden… you get the idea. Let their childish precociousness and unique personality come out by having them pose in funny or silly ways. You can choose to photograph one piece of art or many… you decide. Another option I love is to have your child write a message to their Dad and hold that up in the picture. If you have more than one child, you could have each child hold up part of a message, then frame the pictures in order in a tri-frame (i.e. “We” in first photo; “Love” in second photo; “You” in the third photo). There are lots of inexpensive framing options, from single to multi-picture, so if you’ve got a lot of art to showcase, you might want to go with a big frame. I like this one from Umbra

This is a fun project that Dad will love… and I’ll bet your child(ren) won’t mind posing for a picture where they’re the star, showing off their special work(s) of art!

There are lots of other fantastic Father’s Day ideas on my Pinterest board, so if you have a moment, take a peek! And, if you have a fab Father’s Day activity or craft to share, we’d love to see it! You can post it to our Facebook wall, tag us in your pin on Pinterest or tweet us! (Please be sure to tag me as well – @fabfrugalmama)

Here’s to a wonderful Father’s Day!


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