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While it’s true this section of the website is “Just for Mom”, I’m breaking out of the mold and mentioning the D word. Yes, this month we celebrate Dads! This is a chance for our kid(s) to let him know just how special he is! Most kids need help figuring out how to do that though, so check out these Father’s Day ideas that will help you save time and money…yet look like you didn’t.

King For A Day Gift Certificates
Ever wondered what the Dad who has everything wants? (Heck, any Dad, really…) To be King For A Day, of course! This is a great project that even young children (3+) can do with very little supervision.

Have your child(ren) choose a few age-appropriate tasks they would like to do for their Dad to make him feel like a king – preparing a meal, no whining for a day, cutting the lawn, etc. – then have them make gift certificates for each of those tasks.

How to: Start by folding a few pieces of 8.5” x 11” paper in half lengthwise, then cutting along the line. Put both piles of paper together and fold in half to form a booklet. On the folded end of the booklet, make a few holes with a hole-punch; kids can weave yarn through to “bind” it, and then decorate this gift certificate booklet to make it special for Dad. For example, younger children could draw pictures of the tasks they wish to do (you can write on the back, describing what the drawings depict); older children can print out their tasks and decorate their certificates with markers, glitter, stickers and more.

Bonus: Not only does Dad get treated like a king, he also gets a great memento of his child(ren)’s artwork to treasure.

Breakfast In Bed
While it’s true that breakfast in bed isn’t exactly a new idea, there isn’t a Dad around who doesn’t like it. And, breakfast is one meal that kids can really do well… there are a myriad of child-friendly recipes that even the youngest of children can help with.

First, ask your kids to help you come up with a menu for Father’s Day breakfast – they’ll love voicing their opinions and feeling like they’re taking such an active role in the celebration. Coffee, juice, toast and fruit is a great simple menu, appropriate for little ones. Older kids can look up recipes on the internet (allrecipes.com is a favourite resource of mine) and come up with something new to try. Once the menu is planned, have them make a card and some fun decorations to spruce up the breakfast tray. On the big day, make sure you break down the tasks enough so that even the youngest child has something to do. They’ll be so excited to help that they will probably be the first ones out of bed on Father’s Day!

Autographed Picture
If your kids really want to let Dad know how special he is, this is the perfect gift. You’ll need a frame, preferably with a wide mat, and a great photo of your husband with the kids. Start by having your child(ren) autograph the mat with their name(s) and something wonderful about their Dad. For little children who can’t yet print, ask them what they love about Daddy and then transcribe it – word for word – onto the mat. You can even have them put their fingerprint next to their name (use a washable ink pad for this) for an added personal touch. Then, frame the picture and let the kids admire their handiwork.

Their Dad will not only have a fab picture of him and the kids to admire, but he’ll never forget what his kids loved about him at this age… such a beautiful memento!

Is your partner a daredevil? Does he have an adventurous spirit? Does he love to cook, but has no outlet for his culinary genius? If so, a unique experience might be just the perfect gift for him. Sure, ties and mugs are great, but a day at the track driving a Ferrari, a white-water rafting adventure or a professional cooking class will stay with him forever!

Now, I realize these types of experiences aren’t cheap… but if you plan in advance (start now, for next year) and keep a look out for the deals when they arise, you can snag a bargain. Sites like Groupon, Living Social and WagJag, among others, occasionally have these types of offers, at deep discounts, making them truly affordable. Not only will the special man in your life get a once-in-a-lifetime experience, he’ll get a day all to himself – leaving him renewed, refreshed and ready to be the best Dad he can be. And that is possibly the best Father’s Day gift of all!

No matter what you do on Father’s Day, just remember that the best gift any Dad can receive is the love and affection of his family. So, here’s to a fab Father’s Day!

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