As a comedienne hailing from Canada, Caroline Rhea has made a name for herself not only by being wonderfully funny, but also by playing some iconic roles on TV over the past two decades.

While she’s famous for being Phineas and Ferb’s mom and Sabrina’s aunt on television, she will tell you that her most important role is being a mom in real life to Ava, her 8-year-old daughter.

I was fortunate enough to chat with Caroline recently about motherhood, celebrities and more.

My selfie with Caroline 🙂

On Motherhood

I asked Caroline how she juggles being a Mom with a career that involves a lot of travel.  Caroline told me that the moment she had Ava, everything changed.  She was so thankful that her big onscreen roles came before she had kids, and was happy to get offers for voice acting jobs that would allow her to work closer to home, and slow down a bit. As she so eloquently put it, “Your child falls directly in your happiness circle, so if you’re happy, so are they.”

We both agreed that, no matter what career you have, it’s hard to find time for it all. Caroline had some very wise advice for us… “When you become a Mom, you have to learn to put yourself first. You become the CEO. If something happens to the CEO, the company can’t run.”

On Celebrities She Loves 

Being part of the celebrity scene for many years, I asked Caroline if there’s anyone who has ‘wowed’ her, or that she thinks highly of. Here’s what she said…

“I’m the biggest fan of Meryl Streep!”

“I loved meeting Russell Crowe. He was so different in person that I had imagined. He is also an extremely hands-on Dad… very considerate and sweet.”

“Hugh Jackman and Deborah Furness are the nicest people. Deborah is the sweetest, kindest, most vivacious person ever!”

On Being Funny

I’ve often wondered if comedians feel like they always have to be ‘on’; there are a few who aren’t very funny unless they are on stage. Caroline, on the other hand, is naturally witty and funny. When I asked where her gift for humour came from, she gave full props to her family. “My mom was the funniest person I’ve known. My sister is really funny, too.”

On Name-Dropping

Celebrities will go to great lengths to make their kids happy, even if it means name-dropping! Caroline told the funny story about how she called her friend Kelly Ripa to wrangle a spot backstage on the day that Taylor Swift was set to appear on Live with Kelly and Michael, because Ava is a huge fan. Caroline wasn’t sure if Taylor even knew who she was but, she wasn’t beyond name-dropping if it meant Ava could get a chance to meet her!

Ava got her wish. Taylor was kind enough to chat with Ava and take some selfies, including this one with Caroline.

A huge fan of selfies (check out her Twitter account!) Caroline was kind enough to take one with me before she left. We said our good-byes, then she was off to the airport to go back to New York. She had told Ava she would pick her up from school, and that was a promise she intended to keep. 💟