From the moment that I found out I was having twins it seemed like my world changed. Not only would I become a mom to two babies at once, I would also become an instant superhero. While it doesn’t come with a cape, twin motherhood is definitely worthy of one.

Bring Me My Cape: Tales of TwinMom

Twins bring with them so many fantastic blessings, adventures and challenges.  Just when you think you’ve tackled them all, something else comes along to remind you that raising two unique, yet similar human beings is fun, exhausting and similar to climbing a never-ending mountain.

Like many moms of multiples my boys were born early, their tiny perfect selves entered the world at 32 weeks and weighed less than three pounds. They were tiny versions of perfect babies that needed as much love, care and skin-to-skin contact that we could give them. They had trouble breast-feeding and required endless amounts of tests and we were stuck at a hospital two hours away from home.

Once the boys were big enough and could eat well enough we went home. Home to long sleepless nights, and home to enjoy all of the amazing moments that are created when you get to experience everything in double. First sounds, first foods, first steps, first words, first day of preschool, first day of Kindergarten so many firsts that I cannot even remember which one of my boys did which thing first. Each moment and each milestone more amazing than the previous one. Each milestone a small victory in my path as a mother. While I do not doubt that all parenting milestones are significant, getting your twins to hold their own bottles, or out of diapers are remarkably important when there are two of them.

Now, we are focused on learning to write, to read and ride their bikes. I survived the ‘baby stage’ and enjoy some quiet time while they play together.  As another twin mom once told me, “once you get to 5 years old it’s easy from there”. I think she might be lying. I don’t see it getting any easier, but I do see it continuing to be the coolest experience in the world.

If you know a mom of multiples and are looking for a gift idea, I think a cape would be absolutely perfect. If you can’t find a cape, a very large coffee would also be happily accepted.


Kerrie Mendoza blogs at Family Food and Travel where she writes about her three loves, her twin boys, delicious recipes and family travel.