Less than two months ago, I became a mom to twins girls and to say my life has been a whirwind since would be an understatement! I went from being a mom of one, to a mom of three overnight. It’s true when parents of multiples say it’s a totally different experience than with a singleton. From the pregnancy to the first few weeks postpartum, the experience has been totally different than it was with my 4-year-old daughter.

The Birth Process

Often times twins come early, making the process of predicting how you will give birth, and when, unpredictable. The hospital experience can also be very different because of this. Many twins that are born early need special care and may even need to spend time in NICU. So, my advice is to expect the unexpected.

I wanted to give birth naturally, but by the 30th week, I knew I would most likely be giving birth via C-section. Twin A was breech and not moving anytime soon. Then, at 35 weeks, I woke up with the worst sickness I have ever experienced. I wasn’t able to get out of bed and I literally felt like I was dying. I stuck it out til the night, but decided I needed to go to the hospital when I had a fever. So, off to the hospital I went, believing I would be given an IV to rehydrate me and maybe some antibiotics. It turned out I was in pre-term labor and the fluids the doctors tried to give me failed at stopping labor! Surprise, the twins were coming!

Becoming a Mom to Twins: Pregnancy & Beyond

After my C-section, which was surprisingly simple, the babies were almost immediately taken away and brought to the hospital NICU. I ended up being quarantined for 48 hours and wasn’t allowed to see them or even leave my tiny room. Believe me when I say, those were the hardest 48 hours of my life! I cried and cried because all I wanted to do was hold my newborn babies. I don’t envy twin moms that give birth even earlier. There is nothing worse than be separated from your baby. I really admire their strength.

Have a Schedule, But Don’t Be Rigid

Before becoming a mom to twins, all you hear is schedule, schedule and schedule! Putting your twins on a schedule is a great thing, especially in the early days when you have to monitor their feedings. The nursery put my babies on a feeding schedule of every three hours and, when I was finally reunited with the twins, I tried sticking to it like glue. I even set an alarm for every third hour at night. When your babies are of a good weight, I suggest against this. Being rigid with your schedule becomes really stressful and can also be counterproductive to your sleep. It’s okay if your baby wakes up an hour later or earlier for a feeding! Soon babies will fall into their own schedules that best suit them.

Don’t Put Pressure On Yourself

When it comes to breastfeeding your twin babies, don’t put pressure on yourself. Breastfeeding is already hard with one, and it becomes even more challenging when you throw another into the mix. Breastfeeding my singleton was a breeze, but with the twins it has been nothing but challenges.

At the hospital, I was trying my hardest to get my milk to come in. This wasn’t so easy because I couldn’t see or interact with the babies, which really helps stimulate milk production. I was pumping and expressing with my hands into a cup that the nurses would bring to the nursery. It just wasn’t enough and the doctor started supplementing with formula, so the babies would stop losing weight. When I was finally allowed into the nursery to breastfeed, things didn’t get easier. The twins had a really hard time latching and this continued when we went home. Basically, my breast milk became a snack for them. I don’t think either one was ever satisfied after feeding from my breast.

I came to the conclusion that I would have to be pumping most of the day to successfully breastfeed and, to be honest, I just couldn’t commit myself further. I stopped breastfeeding after one month. I’m sad it didn’t work out, but not ashamed. It was a choice that was right for me and my family. The pumping was tiring me even more and I felt that I couldn’t fully dedicate time to my older daughter.

Be Prepared for Twin Baby Meltdowns

This is something you definitely don’t experience with one baby. You know the saying that moms should have been born with more than two hands? Well, that’s especially true for twin moms! Nothing can prepare you for “twin baby meltdown” – when both twins start crying hysterically and you’re the only one there to solve their problem. Holding two angry babies at once isn’t exactly easy! You will soon find creative ways to pick up one while holding the other, and to feed both at the same time.

Becoming a Mom to Twins: Pregnancy & Beyond

The last six weeks have been challenging, but also rewarding. Yes, raising twins is a full-time job, but you do get twice the love in return! Witnessing the undeniable bond the twins share is unlike anything else. I’m sure I’m going to learn more about myself as a person and a mom in the coming months! I also look forward to seeing my eldest daughter flourish more and more into a big sister each day.

Do you have twins? How were your first months as a mom to twins? Let me know in the comments!

Becoming a Mom to Twins: Pregnancy & Beyond

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