Moms might be praised for their natural ability to stay up all night with a fussy baby, nurse boo-boos, give good-night kisses, and juggle hectic schedules without breaking a sweat. But dads and dad figures bring their own innate skills to the family. With Father’s Day approaching, we’ll soon be celebrating the men in our children’s lives. Make them feel like King for a day by reminding them of the special contributions they bring to the family. Here are 10 things dads are amazing at.


Men love to BBQ and, especially when summer arrives, the smell of dad’s homemade burgers on the grill is nothing short of sweet. Family time outdoors with dad tending to lunch or dinner on the barbeque is what Canadian summer memories are made of.  

Being a Great Role Model 

Kids learn how to treat others as well as themselves from their parents; from learning how to share, approach conflict and handle emotions, to learning new skills such as reading or riding a bike. Dads make up 50 percent of the parental unit and, therefore, play a big part in their sons’ and daughters’ self development. Good dads are great role models. 

Bringing a Different Perspective 

We all have our own parenting styles, and a healthy mix in a family can allow both parents to view different situations in a new light. For example, dad might successfully come up with the idea to make bedtime into a game rather than a frustrating negotiation. Or turn a chaotic dinner hour into comedy central.   

Giving Timeouts 

Maybe it’s their deep voice, but there’s something about dads announcing it’s time for a timeout that makes kids listen! Disciplining kids can be stressful. Especially when they won’t listen. Taking a step back and letting the other parent take charge can alleviate anxiety and get results.

Mowing the Lawn 

Of course, just like anything, moms can do an excellent job at mowing the lawn. But, when it comes to outdoor maintenance, dad’s a natural at making the yard an inviting place for play dates, sprinkler parties, tag, and kicking the ball around.

Piggyback Rides 

Kids love getting piggyback rides from their dad! Lifting little ones up in the air and giving them a new view of the world while holding them close is a great way to have fun together as well as bond. 

Putting Things Together 

Whether it’s a new toy, crib, or outdoor play set, dads are often the ones who spend hours building and putting things together. Even if they seem frustrated, they must secretly love assembling things. After all, the end result is (mostly) perfect and is much appreciated by the family! 

Rough-and-Tumble Play 

From old-fashioned tickle fights, light wrestling matches, or human horse-back riding, dads are a good go-to parent for their active kids who have a lot of energy to burn! Rough-and-tumble play fosters positive parenting relationships and increases connection. 

Scaring Away the Boogeyman 

When kids are scared of the dark, it’s often dad they call after to help chase away the Boogeyman or monsters under the bed. After all, dad’s big and strong enough to fight them off and chase them away! 

Story Time 

Kids benefit when both parents read to them. But dads can have the ability to bring them into another world. They might do a fantastic impression of Sir Topham Hat (English accent and all!) Or morph perfectly into the Gruffalo. Dads are great animated story readers and kids can’t get enough of it!

As we celebrate with dad this Father’s Day, remind him of all of the things he’s amazing at.