Yes, I (Sometimes) Lie to My Kids

I know lying is wrong but there’s a lot of reasons we parents do it – to protect their innocence, to protect our sanity, and to encourage imagination are some biggies.

Here are my most recent lies and my explanation for each:

“The iPad’s updating” – Ben was looking for the iPad the other day. I wanted him to play outside and didn’t feel like dealing with a temper tantrum, so I told him the iPad needed to update. It would be ready in a couple of hours. He accepted it and played outside until dinner time. I think I’ll use that excuse more often!

“I hear bugs move in if you don’t wash your hair” – Ben despises having his hair washed. No matter what we do to encourage him to wash his hair, he almost always throws a fit – that is until I explained to him that bugs loved camping out in dirty hair. The only way to keep them from moving in was to regularly wash the scalp. Washing his hair has become a bit easier since.

“I called his mom, and he’s not home.” – I have kids over to my house a lot. We have several kids on our street, and they are often in our backyard playing and eating our snacks. Don’t get me wrong. I love it. I have always wanted to be the house that my kids’ friends want to come to, but sometimes I don’t want to be that house. Know what I mean? So, sometimes I simply tell Ben that his friends aren’t home (even though they might just be) so I can hang out – just us (and save our groceries).

“Your dad knows more about this than I do. Ask him.” – If I’ve had a long day and all I want to do is relax, I’ll tell Ben that his dad knows more about Lego, etc. so that I can escape to the bathroom or the bedroom with a good book.

“Of course, I didn’t eat your candy” – I did eat the candy, but he thinks he ate it himself and forgot.

“If you don’t let me clean this cut we’ll have to take you to the hospital.” – I mean, there could be some truth to that, right?

“Sorry, McDonald’s is closed today.” – It’s sometimes so much easier to simply say it’s closed than to get into an argument about why he can’t go.

Do you ever lie to your kids? What are your go-to lies and why?