Your Summer Vacation This Year Will Look Different, But Can Still Be One To Remember

Summer vacation plans are likely going to look a lot different for Canadian families this year. With international and even cross-country travel put on hold during the pandemic, and overnight camps closing for the summer, many parents are scrambling to find a way to book off vacation time that actually feels like a holiday, rather than just another day at home (where we have all been for months).ย 

Here are some ways to create a vacation experience at home this summer with your kids… fun times to make summer memories that will last a lifetime.ย 

Book a Campsite in Your Own Backyard

Even with some campgrounds opening up, you may find getting a reservation more difficult, and without the use of communal facilities, your regular camping routine will not be happening. 

Pull out the camping gear and pitch the tent in the backyard for a local campout. For younger kids, the excitement of sleeping in a tent in their backyard will be so original the idea alone will likely have them excited. And even older kids will be able to enjoy taking a break from their regular routine and feeling like they are escaping, even just a little bit. Play games, bring out your favourite books and turn on your flashlights to tell stories in the dark.ย 

Make the experience even more authentic by surprising the kids with s’mores!๐Ÿ‘Œ If a campfire isnโ€™t possible, you can still enjoy the BBQ and all of your favourite camping treats. We recommend dessert pizza, done on the BBQ! (Click here for a short video tutorial on how to make the perfect grilled dessert pizza. Yum!)

Create an At-Home Hotel and Restaurant

Kids love hotels, right? Have you noticed that even if you arenโ€™t staying at a hotel long – and are just visiting as you travel to your ultimate destination – that the kids love the novelty of a hotel stay?ย 

Many hotels are beginning to open back up, but depending on your comfort level, you may be waiting before booking your stay. 

This summer, book the kids into Hotel Home and create a mini getaway experience for them. Let them reserve the ultimate suite (sorry parents, but we are recommending your room!) and treat them to room service, spa appointments and a dining reservation at the hottest restaurant around; your kitchen. We even recommend you have them pack their little suitcases for their adventure. 

Turn down service at this hotel will likely involve snuggles and tuck-ins, but we think that will only add to your ultimate review they give.ย 

Look Toward Local

Chances are you wonโ€™t be gassing up the car and travelling far this summer; instead, look to your own town for the ultimate staycation experience.ย  There has never been a better time (or a more required time) to be a tourist in your own city.ย 

If there is a tourism board for your area, start by looking at their website for everything that is safely opening back up where you can distance yourself from others but experience your city in a brand new light. We all tend to ignore whatโ€™s right in our own backyards when making plans so, instead, turn 2020 into the year you make a local bucket list of places to visit, new parks to discover, take-out window ice cream shops to enjoy, new bike routes to explore and more.ย 

Even though this summer is going to look very different for many families, there are still lots of ways to create memories together and have some fun.

Rebecca Stanisic is a freelance writer and digital content creator. Sheโ€™s been blogging on her website, A Little Bit of Momsense, since 2009 and for almost as many years has helped fellow bloggers and small business owners create and curate relevant digital content for their own businesses.  Sheโ€™s the proud mom of two and is fuelled by fiction and coffee.