We used to call William “Chill Will.” Now we call him “Wailing Will.”

When he was a newborn people would comment on how relaxed and quiet, my baby was. I could take him anywhere. We’d go out to the mall or a friend’s house or even to my mommy fitness class, and he’d just sit in his car seat content as can be. But then his teeth started coming in, and he became fussy. Now, at almost 14 months old and eight teeth (including a molar) he not only cries but screams on a regular basis. We do all that we can to help him feel comfortable and happy. We’ve tried giving him frozen teething rings to chew on and Tylenol. We’ve tried cuddles and music. Nothing works when he’s in a state of disarray and, what it seems like, pain. Don’t get me wrong, most of the time, my baby boy is happy. But he can turn in an instant and surprise everyone in the room with an ear-piercing shriek! We’ve been in busy, noisy restaurants that have gone quiet at the sound of William’s angry screams. His lung power is incredible. I’d say it was hilarious but, you know, as a parent, hearing and watching your child throw a fit is incredibly stressful.

I’m convinced this is a phase (albeit, seemingly long phase) that will pass when the teeth are all in, and Will can communicate with words. He seemed frustrated and agitated at the moment, and I guess I can’t blame him. This year, so far, has been difficult health-wise, and he’s only a baby. I must keep reminding myself of that!

Has your baby gone from calm and quiet to upset and loud like mine has? If so, what do you think has caused the transition?