When my kids were babies, they practically lived in the baby carrier, because we were always on the go. While they loved being so close to me, I found that their legs were often exposed because their pants would ride up. I bought a bunch of baby legwarmers, which helped… but only if I remembered to put them on them in the morning. (Sound familiar?)

Our latest featured accessory, the Urban Pod from Julie Thibault, takes care of this problem beautifully. If you’re a Mama who loves to be active with your baby (or wants to be), you’ll love this blanket that allows legs to be slipped into carriers and makes securing the safety harness in strollers and car seats easy – all while keeping baby bundled up.

Available in a wide range of colours, this cozy blanket with feet is sure to make life a lot easier for Mamas (and Daddies) on the go!