As a new year approaches, I’m reminiscing over the last 12 months. The year 2015 was a big one for our family with many twists and turns in both positive and negative directions – although, I’m relieved to say mostly positive.

Here is my family’s top 10 moments of 2015.

  1. We welcomed William! Born three weeks early, baby Will came into the world on family day – two days after his daddy’s birthday.
  2. We sprung a leak! One day after almost a week of back-and-forth hospital visits and a second stay due to Will’s jaundice our home welcomed us back with a large leak. An ice dam developed due to the horrendous winter cold. We thankfully sought refuge at my brother’s place as insurance contractors cleaned up the mess!
  3. I turned 35! Brendan and I enjoyed a welcomed night away from the kids in July to celebrate. The festivities included a night’s stay at the Royal York and (many) sips of Veuve Clicquot.
  4. Ben swam with his face in the water! Seemingly afraid of the water since birth, watching him swim with confidence this summer was a proud moment.
  5. Ben turned five! Five years ago I gave birth to my first-born. It was a momentous milestone for his dad and me.
  6. Ben tried soccer and loved it! I hope to get him playing more sports in 2016.
  7. Will was introduced to his first caregiver and loves her. A great decision we made for our family!
  8. Ben started SK in September.
  9. Brendan and I celebrated our seven-year wedding anniversary! In seven years we have bought two houses and have had two kids. I wonder what the next seven years will hold?

10. Will enjoyed his first Christmas. Ben was more into Santa Claus this year than every before. It was my favourite holiday with the family by far!

What milestones or memories will you and your family cherish from 2015?