We are glad that summer vacation is here! My children look for things they can do during the long summer days that is fun and engaging. As a parent, I like that summer gives us the time to connect and teach our children skills that are not taught in schools by doing fun activities together. My children and I enjoy doing crafts, so we planned to use the Tulip tie-dye kit to dye t-shirts. Tie dying is a fun activity to do with school agers. Hope you will try this fun activity with your children and make memories.

If you take a few precautions like wearing gloves, and protecting your work surface it can be less messy and lots of fun. This Tulip tie-dye kit is available at craft stores and in large chain stores that carry crafts. We simply followed the instructions on the kit.

First, I lined our work surface with paper then covered it with plastic sheets, just so we don’t end up with lots of cleaning afterwards. Next, we prepared the t-shirt by wetting it first, then squeezed out the excess water because the cloth must be damp. For the pattern we made, I put the damp shirt on the table, pinched the middle of the shirt and slowly turned it by rotating it to make a rope. Then we put 3 rubber bands to make 6 parts. There are lots of different methods to tie dye that is mentioned in the kit or we can use our own imagination and put rubber bands any way we want in the t-shirt.

Tie-Dye With Your Kids

We filled up the bottles with water up to the line indicated on the bottle and squeezed the colours to the prepared t-shirt. We each took turns to gently squeeze the dye in a pattern with a few colours until the cloth was fully soaked. After putting the dye, I carefully placed the soaked t-shirt in a plastic bag and let it sit overnight. The next day wearing gloves, I washed the shirt in hot water and rinsed it several times to let all the dye run clear and hung it to dry. My children really enjoyed doing this activity of tie dying. These regular plain t-shirts have now become really special.

Akheela is the mom and writer behind two sites CreateWithMom and TorviewToronto. Akheela has two young children and shares about crafts, food, travel, photography, gardening, and much more on her sites.