Below are the top 11 things no one ever told me about becoming a new mom:

    1. It doesn’t matter if the baby sleeps through the night. You won’t.
    2. A smile makes the roughest day seem simple.
    3. That cute sleeper from your Aunt Susan? It may be sent to Goodwill before it’s worn.
    4. You’ll have days of wondering if you’ve gone insane. Besides trying to hold a conversation with a three month old, I’m also affected by mommy brain.
    5. Arriving anywhere on time is now a thing of the past. Even with the best of intentions!
    6. You will find yourself in a constant comparison war with other new moms. New moms can’t help but brag about their baby (how can we not?). You’ll constantly hear about little Lucy rolling over at two months or Jack sleeping through the night from the first day. It’s easy to get caught up in this, but don’t. Remember that every baby is different and will progress at their own speed. Besides, little Jack may be sleeping through the night now, but that doesn’t mean he will forever!
    7. When you pack the diaper bag, pack extra clothes for yourself. I just know a combination of let down, baby spit up and pee (or worse) waits for me each and every day. Any outfit I put on in the morning isn’t necessarily going to last until the afternoon!
    8. You’ll feel out of the loop with friends. Friends will call right when I’m in the middle of breastfeeding or a baby meltdown. I’ll intend to return the call but before I know it, I’m exhausted and headed for bed. Instead, I find email to be the best form of communication (I’ve mastered typing with one hand!), but it’s not the same as picking up the phone and having a conversation. Unfortunately though, this can be tough with a newborn!
    9. The living room starts to look like an episode from Hoarders. Between the swings, bouncy chair, play mat, receiving blankets and toys, our living room is already in a state of chaos! We have to come up with a better storage solution soon.
    10. The swing is a lifesaver. Without the swing, I don’t know how I’d make dinner, eat lunch, work out or any other activity (such as writing) I need my hands free for!
    11. Thought you knew what love was before? There is no love like this!