William’s first haircut didn’t go over too well. As first haircuts usually go, right? I wasn’t expecting him to sit there and smile the entire time, but I had crossed my fingers going into the salon that he wouldn’t freak out – too much.

A mother of a strong-willed son can only dream.

We went to a kids’ haircutting salon – a place with chairs shaped like cars, trains, planes, and animals. Even better, while the kids are in their chairs, pretending to drive or fly or attack other, nearby animal chairs, they can watch a movie on a big-screen TV. William was greeted with Thomas the Train when we arrived.

At first, things seemed to go well. William was completely unaware of what it was he was about to experience – his first haircut! But then, the hair stylist snuck up on him with clippers and Will’s temperament changed. He screamed, he ducked and bounced and tried to escape. My husband had to hold him down at one point.

Thankfully, our William wasn’t the first terrified, unruly child our stylist has dealt with (it is a kids’ haircutting salon, after all). The first haircut was over in a matter of minutes, and we could finally see our son’s beautiful face! He looked so handsome! We left with a certificate and a lock of his hair, hoping we don’t have to return too soon!

Will, after his first haircut!

How was your child’s first haircutting experience?

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