It’s the Terrible Twos…Will’s tantrums are worse than Ben’s were. They’re even coming on earlier.

Please tell me all of this screaming, hair pulling, floor rolling, and stomping is a sign of intelligence. I need a silver lining to this madness!

At 20-months-old, Will is displaying a very strong personality. Unfortunately, no one can reason with him and, well, no one can understand him. He stares at me and screams, expecting me to know why. But I don’t know why! I offer food and drinks, and it all gets slapped away (rather aggressively, I should add). What were once adored toys are now despised. And shows that were once giggled at are now screamed at.

Some days I just want to disappear into the washroom and have my tantrums! If it’s coupled with a warm bath, I just may.

I remember age three being pretty bad with Ben. I hope a year and a half is the height of it with Will. Once he gets is vocabulary down he’ll calm down…oh, I can dream, can’t I?!

At what age did your children start having severe mood swings? Oh, I should add, mine only seems to have these tantrums with me or if I’m nearby. He’s a complete angel with everyone else. Who can relate?

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