This Summer Will Be Different – In a Very Good Way

Summer’s here. Finally. My oldest is home with me for most of it and, unlike last year, I’m ready and excited.

It’s easy to forget to stop and breathe in the present. Especially when you’re growing a business as I am. But, what I’ve remembered over this past year, so far, is that my family and my kids are the reason why I’m working from home. I’m here for sick days, PA days, and “just need a day” days. I’m also here for holidays and summers. I didn’t share this but last year I was stressed. I wondered how on earth I was going to juggle having two kids at home with me as I balanced my workload throughout July and August. But then I did it. Although I feel as though I missed out on some moments because my mind was occupied. Then 2016 happened, and both William and I had health scares. These events made me realize that, wow, there’s no time like the present to grab a hold of life and the ones you love. I can work until midnight if need be, but my kids go to bed by 8 p.m. and our days together can’t be made up. Playing tag at the park, building Lego structures, throwing the ball around, and even encouraging the next best Minecraft structure – I’m here all summer (in between camps and playdates), so why wouldn’t I take advantage and enjoy? Sometimes, life can wait. It’s not just me who is looking forward to plenty of quality family time. My husband’s leading the charge on family memory-making. He doesn’t work from home, but he’s booked off vacation time so we can venture up to a cottage together for a week, and enjoy day trips here and there. He also bought me a bike so I can practice for our family bike ride adventures! I’m looking forward to it all (although, I need to practice my bike-riding skills.)

Summer’s a fantastic time to bond as a family. This year we’re making a conscious effort to do just that. What are you and your family doing over the summer together?