My husband recently went on a business trip to Seattle. Needless to say, when he leaves for a week, everything goes a bit nutty. It’s unusual for him to travel, and this is the second time this year he’s had to go away for work, so it’s hard to get used to the change in routine. My entire world gets a little turned upside down when he leaves.

When it comes to the boys, we have a coordinated partnership going. Brendan will make Ben’s lunch and get him in his school clothes in the mornings. I get Will ready for daycare and get Ben off to the bus. At night, Brendan often makes dinner while I do laundry. It just works. So, when I’m left alone with two boys I suddenly have a lot more on my plate – as I know many of you reading this can understand and likely have as well!

Also, when Brendan leaves for a week somebody always gets sick! Last January I got mastitis, this past summer Ben had a terrible cold, this past January Will had diarrhea, and this past time, I got food poisoning. It feels like a curse.  

I’m sharing this because parenting with a partner isn’t something to take for granted. I realize so many moms (and dads) do it all alone every single day. Yes, it was a dreaded week, but I got my husband back on Friday.

When your significant other leaves you with the kids for a week, do you have a system in place to make it run smoothly? (Because I don’t and could use one!)

caroline-headshots_04Caroline is mom to two beautiful boys, wife to a wonderfully-supportive husband, and the owner of a successful social media management and content writing business called Flourish Marketing.