Summer break is right around the corner – in most Canadian schools, only a few days away. Activities, summer camps and day trips can really eat up the budget if you’re not careful.

Here are some of the ways that you can help to experience the fun of summer, without breaking the bank.

Playground Hop

Playgrounds are one of the original free activities for children during the summer. With upwards of 100 playgrounds in our area, we’re spending the summer visiting ten of the top locally recommended spaces. It’s free, you can bring a picnic and some drinks and spend the afternoon discovering somewhere new.

Splash Parks

Splash parks where kids can jump in the water and the play features to cool off during the day are another free way to spend the summer. Even if you can’t get together with friends, these parks are filled with kids trying to cool off.

Free Camps and Sessions

From the local library offering things like Lego classes and puppet shows for younger children, to free design and graphics, even video making classes at the local computer stores, there are many options for kids to play and learn for free during the summer months. Though these camps are free, you often have to register early, so start looking into these now. They usually last for three to four mornings through the week, and are great activity for older children.

Kids Bowl Free

During the summer, there’s a great kids promotion where kids can bowl free all summer long. Sign up before the summer starts and children get two games of bowling, every day, throughout the entire summer.

Backyard Fun Made Easy

Sidewalk chalk, paint recipes that you can make for the sidewalk and splatter parties where you can occupy the kids with a new activity outside – these are only a few of the activities that you can plan for backyard fun, at-home. Get inspiration for these activities on Pinterest, or brainstorming with friends and keep from hearing ‘I’m bored’ this summer.


Summer festivals are the original source of free entertainment. From street performers to kids’ areas at the other festivals, there’s lots to do with kids in our area. Check the local newspaper or entertainment section for a free festival guide and plan your summer based on the local festivals and entertainment that comes with them. Usually, there’s no fee for admission, making it even more budget friendly.

What are some of the ways that you’re planning summer fun without breaking the bank?

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