Do you remember a time when we were kids? How we played outside the whole day long?

I still have memories of a cold morning dew tickling my feet while walking barefoot on vividly green grass. As kids, we spent the majority of our time playing outside, being spontaneous. Nothing fancy, nothing glamourous. My favourite was to look for shapes in clouds on a hot summer day while laying on a grass and listening to bugs buzzing around me.

We all played simple games, in the fresh air, and we were perfectly good without cell phones, gadgets or video games. We didn’t need much and we didn’t have boxes full of toys, yet we still had happy childhood memories. I want my children to have some wonderful memories, too, and I want to build those memories with them in the same simple ways.

Here are few inexpensive ways to make summer memories in old-fashioned ways:

Visit An Orchard

Take your kids to a nearby orchard and let them pick fruit. Eating freshly picked fruit on its own is an exciting experience. It is also a great way to promote healthy eating habits while teaching how food comes to our table from nature.

Set Up a Tent in Your Own Backyard

backyard camping

What is more fun than building own tent in a safety of own backyard? Build a simple tent using bamboo poles and old blankets or sheets and whole day play is guaranteed without going anywhere. Younger kids will enjoy bringing their stuff in and out and if they stay up late they will love playing with flashlights. For a magical experience, stay up late on a warm summer night to see fireflies.

Make Arts and Crafts Inspired by Nature

Take your kids to a nature walk in the nearest park or woods where you can gather interesting objects in different colours or shapes to take home, like rocks, sticks, fruits, leaves, pinecones and acorns. These will be materials for making arts and crafts. They can create a collage, build nature creatures (you can add googly eyes too!), or they can paint rocks and sticks to make crafts with them.

Connect with Nature

Go outside for a walk with intention to connect with nature. Like in the old days, go wherever your feet take you. Wander around, just being present in the moment. Be spontaneous. Take your shoes off, walk barefoot, feel the grass and soil underneath. If there is a hill, roll down the hill and laugh. If it is a cloudy day, lay in a grass and play a game of finding shapes in clouds. If there is a meadow, run as fastest you can until you need rest, then lay down and just pay attention to the sounds, scents and vividness around you.

As you can see, very little is needed to be happy. Nothing fancy, nothing glamourous. Nature around us has everything to make your kids (and you!) laugh with joy and experience summer fun.

Lily Zunic is a creative mom of two and content writer at where she helps busy moms be creative with their kids. Her passion for DIY turned into a passion to design toys and sew quiet books for children so they can spend more screen-free time learning through play. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.