When my kids were babies, the one thing I dreaded the most was teething. I’ve heard it’s not terrible for some children, but mine had a rough time with it.

Needless to say, I’d have tried almost anything to help ease their pain and get one uninterrupted night of sleep.

This month’s featured accessory is a product would have definitely come in handy when my little ones were teething – it’s not only chic, but functional too!

Sili Pearls are designed by a Canadian Mom and made in Canada, and these stylish silicone teething accessories come in several different styles and colours. The necklaces and bangles are a fun way to complement your outfit while offering a safe, accessible way to soothe babies’ gums. The popular Footsie teether clips on to baby’s clothing so it can go anywhere she does – and not get lost! Kids necklaces are great for children with sensory issues (like autism) or any other mild to moderate sensory needs, to replace chewing of fingers or clothing.

Take a look at the Sili Pearls line and see which is your favourite!