I’m quickly learning that William has quite a different personality than Benjamin. Ben holds his own and can have firecracker tendencies. But William… wow. He IS the firecracker on many days!

This morning, I witnessed Will hold his own in a showdown between his older brother and a Beanie Boo. These stuffed animals are sure coming between them! I can’t help but giggle, but I’m sure the situation is very serious among the little ones. Ben had his stuffed animal sitting on his lap as he watched TV. Will came right up to him and grabbed it. Ben immediately tried to grab it back, but Will was quick and ran away, Beanie Boo in hand! Ben managed to get it back but not before Will slapped him across the arm. Unfazed by the situation, Will left Ben with his toy and proceeded to grab the next toy he could find.

It’s interesting to see the dynamics between the two. Will has more of a fiery temper. He won’t take no for an answer. Ben gets upset but is more sensitive. Will appears to have little fear when it comes to trying new things. Ben is more on the timid side. It takes him more time to get used to new things before diving right in.

My two boys may share genes, but they definitely don’t have the same personality.

I found this study that highlights why siblings often have different personalities. It boils down to the different circumstances into which they’re born (Will is the second, maybe we’re more relaxed), and shaping behaviour based on what the other is doing. So if Ben is better at the arts, Will might naturally be pulled into the direction of sports. It’s interesting food for thought!

Do your kids have similar or different personalities?

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