There are differing opinions out there about whether or not to share photos of kids with the Internet. I share photos of my kids with my Facebook friends, my Instagram followers and sometimes even on my blog. I feel comfortable doing this because I follow a few of my rules. Here’s what I do to ensure the photos I share a) won’t embarrass my kids in the future and b) protect them from potential exploitation:

I won’t share photos of bath time or bums. I know, I know, there’s nothing cuter than a baby bum! But I refrain from sharing because I teach my sons that this area of the body is private and so sharing it around would counteract that.

I check my privacy settings regularly. I do this because I tend to share more photos and information with my social network than with, say, my blog. People have to request to view my Instagram photos, and only friends can see what I post to my Facebook timeline. I also use the “see what other people see” feature on Facebook to double check that my privacy settings are doing what I think they’re doing.

I refrain from sharing photos of other kids without their parent’s permission. It keeps things simple and respects other people’s boundaries about online photo sharing.

Do you have any tips for sharing photos of your kids online? Share them in the comments below!