I just got off the phone with Ben’s teacher. She wanted to personally tell me how happy she is with his progress this year.  PROUD MOM alert!

As moms, we inevitably stress and fret over our kids – that’s a given.  Are they keeping up in school?  Are they making the right friends?  Are they being left out?  Are they acting out? Will they end up as Minecraft Zombies living in darkened rooms, never attempting to reach out to the real, outside world?

(Is it just me who worries about this happening? Anyone?)

Ben’s teacher told me he’s very helpful and takes his time to make sure he gets his work done before moving on to new projects, or even joining his friends. (And he has some pretty great friends.) Whew!

Back to Minecraft, though, which I often misspell as “Mindcraft” – probably because I subconsciously (or consciously) worry about the effects on the mind. It’s an awesome game and a wonderful tool for creativity and problem solving. I actually quite like it, but it’s also very addictive. Ben and his friends LOVE getting together to play; they all hop on their tablets and build their worlds. We set time limits, but it’s often a struggle to get him to put it away.

Strict Technology Rules Are Coming for My Kids (I’m Going to Try, Anyway)

We live in a technical world and even the teachers say it’ll be laptops and typing – not pencils and printing – that will be the focus as they progress through school. But I do think we need to put stricter rules on the technology in our home. We’re getting too consumed by it, myself and my husband included. We need to talk more, view the world around us more, and enjoy life in real time, not fantasy time.

Stricter rules are going to be put in place, especially this summer. I want Ben to build things outside, not just on a screen.

How do you keep on top of technology and screen time rules in your house?  

caroline-headshots_04Caroline is mom to two beautiful boys, wife to a wonderfully-supportive husband, and the owner of a successful social media management and content writing business called Flourish Marketing.